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Making Better Financial Decisions With Mark Hauser of Hauser Private Equity

Navigating the wild world of financial acquisitions can be difficult enough with a college degree and decades of experience in the field. Mark Hauser has turned these wild-and-tumultuous financial dealings into a career that has been bound by consistent progress forward. The founder and co-managing partner at Hauser Private Equity, Mark Hauser, has helped to expand his firm’s value as it has spread throughout the United States.

With the average private equity firm executing deals ranging from $50 million to $1 billion on a seemingly regular basis, it takes not just confidence but preparation to navigate the various potential hurdles in your path.

Making Better Financial Decisions

As the co-managing partner at Hauser Private Equity, Mark Hauser is uniquely qualified when it comes time to discuss the diverse investment industry and everything that it encompasses. The leader at his private equity firm, Hauser, helps to execute the leveraged acquisition of growth-focused businesses to invest additional financial or strategic funding to maximize their ROI.

Private equity firms are focused on getting a return on their investment, and this means that they have to be careful in how they approach who to work with. Firms like Hauser Private Equity rely on extensive research and preparation before they can confidently make a move on a targeted business.

To find protracted success in private equity, Mark Hauser advocates for the performance of exhaustive due diligence. The tireless pursuit of information relating to the legal, commercial, and financial settings of a business can make or break a successful deal. Common red flags discovered during this part of the process include pending lawsuits, regulatory issues, tax problems, or businesses’ inability to deliver upon their projections.

Making the Purchase

After Mark Hauser and his firm have performed exhaustive due diligence, they are ready to make purchasing decisions. At this point, Hauser suggests letting the lawyers do the talking while the final transaction terms are defined. Once the deal is finalized, the general partner will potentially take a seat on the board to help in the realignment of the management structure.

Private equity firms will routinely look to a few key factors when deciding on a purchase. These firms want to look for businesses that are established and waiting to grow, backed by a proven track record and industry leadership position. Additionally, private equity firms want to see that there are multiple potential avenues for growth. Finally, private equity firms will look for businesses with strong management teams and business plans that are ready for execution.

Along the way, Mark Hauser pays careful attention to any potential red flags that may arise. If these red flags appear, Hauser has a defined exit path that he adheres to offset potential losses along the way.

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